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The new flexible wooden floor mat from Sitskie.

Let's face it.  Traditional anti-fatigue mats look out of place in today's home or office.  Our clients were in search of a product that would meet the demands of a kitchen floor or a standing desk, while offering durability, comfort and a clean modern aesthetic.  With these considerations, we give you Airea.

Airea floor mats flex under every step.  Perfect for kitchen, nursery, standing desk or anywhere you need an extra spring in your step.

A rugged silicon grout lines each tile making Airea floor mats water resistant and highly durable.

In the kitchen, Airea floor mats provide the comfort while you provide the culinary greatness.  Lightweight and easy to clean.

Keeping you on your toes at the office.  Airea floor mats provide a comfortable work space where you can stay focused, alert and ready to accomplish anything.

Airea floor mats are an essential for your standing desk.  The added support allows you to stay focused and energized.

Warm up your floors with wood. Airea floor mats  accessorize your floor while adding the luxury of comfort.

Unlike traditional floor coverings, Airea floor mats  won't harbor dust and allergens so you and your loved ones can breathe easy.

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