Sitskie is a Detroit-based design studio and purveyor of innovative, locally crafted furniture.  Sitskie was founded in 2012 by husband and wife team, Vanessa and Adam Friedman.  Each item is thoughtfully developed by Adam Friedman, designer and craftsman and every piece is hand built by local artisans.  The finished products you see are a final iteration of many takes.  We build and rebuild to fine tune the design and comfort level.

We believe the spaces you inhabit should be filled with objects that inspire and delight you. We aim to design and build products that will do just that.

Born in Los Angeles, Adam attended Rhode Island School of Design for ID and graduated from CalArts with a BFA.  He is the principal designer and craftsman behind Sitskie Design Studio and finds inspiration by seeking new ways to see, feel and experience the everyday world. In addition to furniture design, Adam has also designed, developed and patented tech products and flooring.  

In addition to our furniture, Sitskie offers design and product development services.