DESIGNER: Adam Friedman

BIO: Born in Los Angeles, Adam attended Rhode Island School of Design for ID and graduated from CalArts with a BFA.  He is the principal designer and craftsman behind the Sitskie Design Studio line and finds inspiration by seeking new ways to see, feel and experience the everyday world. In addition to furniture design, he has also designed, developed and patented tech products and flooring.  Adam was awarded a patent for his cushioned block surface innovation. 

 "I really want to give people something new, something they haven’t seen before.  I put a tremendous amount of time and thought to design pieces that intrigue and give a different perspective. I went to design school and always wanted to design furniture for a living but never quite fit into any particular company/studio, which propelled me to branch out on my own and start Sitskie. I really wanted to be authentic in my design sensibilities and starting Sitskie was the best way for me to do that." 
- Adam Friedman, Designer

AIREA FLOOR: The Airea Floor product line originated during the patent process for the block system. In expanding the uses for a flexible solid surface, flooring was added, very much as an afterthought. That idea was later revisited and presented at Dwell on Design in 2014. We simply put out a rough idea, a 3x5 mat. We wanted to see the reaction, hear what people had to say and listened to their ideas. We quickly realized our clients had a need for this product in home and office.

BLOCK CHAIR/BENCH: Adam began designing the block system in the early 2000s, but tested and re-tested before they became available to the public.  The objective of the cushioned block system is to give you a soft comfortable experience while keeping all the benefits of a solid surface - durability, cleanliness and the beauty of the solid material, in this case wood.  Each chair is made from solid domestic hardwood. Wood is responsibly harvested  - FSC Certified.

"During my time in the furniture business, I've learned that people have a love/hate relationship with upholstered furniture. Along with the softness of an upholstered piece comes the natural concerns about damage, staining, dust, life of the fabric and longevity of the style.  The inability to truly get any upholstered product clean without removing covers and going to great lengths is an inescapable reality and a bitter pill to swallow. Through years of trial and error here is our unique solution backed by a U.S. patent."
- Adam Friedman, Designer

KEY DATES: Sitskie Design Studio officially launched their first product (the Block Chair) in 2012 at the Salone in the Boffi Milan showroom, and then at Dwell on Design in the U.S. shortly after.

Contact Information:
                                      Detroit, MI
                                      310.754.5670 - Vanessa Jones

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